Monday, July 6, 2009

Why I hate fat people

I was running about a minute late for my train today, and as always when trying to get to the right platform I got stuck behind this fat lady who was busy holding up other people and eating her packet of chips.
Fat people piss me off badly. I'm talking those that are intentionally fat, not the actual1% of the population that actually have a disorder of which they can't avoid. Go to Somalia and see how many people there are fat cause they have a 'glandular condition'.

The reasons why fat people piss me off are:
1. They are inherently lazy. You don't get fat by working out, or looking after yourself, or by worrying about anything, and this reflects in their personality. They will take shortcuts with their work, their friends, and their family, as its too much trouble, as is eating healthy or walking to the shops.

2. The claim that they are 'beautiful on the inside'. Fuckin bullshit. You know who are beautiful on the inside? Those that save lives, be it a 'Medicens Sans Frontiers' doctor, firefighter, police officer, whoever is putting their neck out there for whats left of humanity. And you know what? They are all thin from all the worry, work, and dedication to their cause so strong that they make the effort to eat healthy and look after themselves, so they can prolong their cause.

3. A fat person in Sydney means three starving kids in Somalia. By the laws of Supply and Demand we see that all resources including food are limited. By the fat person consuming twice their requirement (and ironically shitting most of the nutrient out due to excess), this artificially inflates the price (as the resource is limited) and hence helps make food unaffordable in third world countries. Think about it. If the 40% of Australia that was obese stopped eating so much shit, the demand for flour/beef/wheat would drop, the price would lower slightly, and then be more affordable to other countries.

4. They take up two seats on the train.

There was a reason why the fat were reserved a special place in Dante's hell.


  1. wow... dont automaticly assume that ALL fat people stuff their face all the time. you are right i have to say about the actual one percent that has a disorder that would include myself. i hate it when people sit here and have the nerve to EVEN COMMMENT on the way fat people look. i mean look you are all very fourtunate to have such perfect bodies!!! you dont relize once you start to gain wieght its a Bitch to keep it off! its so hard and people who have these perfect bodies are using the term "NORMAL PEOPLE" i mean what is normal... its definintly not anyone in this world LISTEN TO ME NO ONE IS PERFECT NOR WILL ANYONE BE PERFECT. its just not fair that people are so ignorant and dont relize how luckey they are to be beautiful and have good bodies well let me tell you something the outside may SEEM beautiful but on the inside you are all ugly as FUCK! you have no worrie but for yourself YOU america is responsible for SOOO many suicides of bigger people. i mean re anylyze yourself seriously! you all have some problems! and no its not we with the problems its you. YOU cause all of the stress that fat people feel YOU cause them to have low self esteem YOU cause them to not want to go out in public and walk THINK ABOUT IT!!! yeah and you know whats sad.... i am only 14 years old and i can recognize this over all of you america!!! WHAT THE FUCK! you all make me sick. i thought ameica would relize this and we would have mature people... but no i was wrong what we have is a bunch of IGNORANT people who dont care about anyone but theirself... THIS IS BULLSHIT!!

  2. It takes hard work and dedication to have a healthy body. I eat carrots and canned fish for lunch and dinner, and engage in exercise 4 times a week. Its not easy, it takes hard work and determination.
    I never said people had to be perfect. What is perfect anyway? What I'm saying that obesity is one of the greatest killers in the western world, and that here in the western world we are hated for our reckless overconsumption of limited resources.
    I'm not trying to put hate out into the world, I'm just trying to destroy the illusion of the overweight jolly man. I find a lot of large people are quite conceited, angry and unapproachable.

  3. If you had any inkling of how much work it REALLY takes some people to not be obese, you wouldn't be spouting off nonsense like this. If I only worked out four days a week, I would be obese. You are lucky that your body allows you to do so little and still be slim, but don't judge others who aren't so fortunate.

    Guess what? I have PCOS and I used to be obese. And right now, in order to maintain my weight, I RUN for an hour and a half every. Single. Day. That's right, seven days a week. Running. An hour and a half. I eat 1200 calories a day -- no fat, no sodium, no bread, no sugar, I live on salads and lean protiens. I can't eat in restaurants, I can't enjoy holidays, I can't eat like a normal person can. If I did, I'd be obese.

    What many thin people fail to understand is that obese people don't necessarily eat more than average people do. Actually, many obese people have to eat significantly less than regular people in order to be thin. I need to be on a strict diet for the rest of my life. If I eat normally like you probably do, I will be obese. I cannot eat in restaurants, I cannot enjoy holiday dinners. This is a burden that I will carry for the rest of my life.

    Lol, what "illusion of the jolly overweight man?" I wasn't aware that any illusion existed -- and if so, I don't think too many overweight people are operating under such a delusion considering that overweight people are essentially treated as nonpeople in this society. Of course overweight people are angry! Of course they're miserable! The whole world hates them, and most of them are extremely aware of it.

    Being overweight is a condition that's incredibly, incredibly difficult to overcome and I don't think you can understand how difficult it is to fight off your own obesity and keep it off until you have been there. If I could get rid of this burden, I would get rid of it in a heartbeat.

    Worst of all is being a thin obese person -- people pressure me to eat. People have called me anorexic and worse. People put food in my face all the time, they call me crazy when I say I can't go to a restaurant with them, they call me anorexic when I eat salad and lean turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. People are not really very supportive of my continued efforts to not be obese.

    I think people have got to start understanding that obesity often means that there's something wrong with your body, that there's something wrong with the way your body processes food. I'm sick of having people tell me "You're thin! You should eat more!" and I'm sick of hearing that obese people are resource-consuming, lazy hogs. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to eat when they were hungry, stop eating when they were full, exercise moderately, and maintain a healthy weight but that simply is not the reality that we live in.

  4. Look buddy, I survive on a diet of sardines, dry bread and fruit. I work out 4 times a week, and I work a job that takes 9 hours a day from me. When I work out, I work out HARD. I either cycle 24kms, run 7, or do various isometric exercises to keep my core strong.
    I KNOW what it takes to stay thin. I'm not 'naturally' thin by a long shot. My mum, dad, and sister are all considered overweight.
    The difference between me and them are that I:
    1. Don't fill my body with fatty shit.
    2. Exercise like my life depended on it.

    There are three kinds of obese: those that eat lots but exercise, those that don't eat much but don't exercise, and those that eat shitloads and do fuck all. Which are you?

    Every overweight person I've ever met is full of "I can'ts" and "Its too hard" which is what got them overweight to start with.

    I have no idea what a 'thin obese' person is. If your friends don't support you eating well, then perhaps its not me whom you should be angry at, but your friends. Why let them hold you back?

    I'm pretty sure that 95% of the obesity cases are not because 'of the way the body processes food', its because of McDonalds and Burger King.

  5. JP wrote:
    "I'm pretty sure that 95% of the obesity cases are not because 'of the way the body processes food', its because of McDonalds and Burger King."

    Or, in other words, the way the body processes processed food.

    There is much truth in the original post. Obesity is a modern trend and it's getting worse.

    I think it has much to do with our lack of basic understanding of food generation. Few people in the modernized world think about where food comes from or how it is delivered. To most people, food is something that comes in near infinite variety from the grocery store.

    Our bodies are designed to capture and retain foods during the harvest period, so that we could survive lean winters.

    To those who struggle with their weight, I encourage them think about their food, where it comes from, what is in it, and what the end result of their consumption is. Spend a year on a farm and only eat what you produce. I promise you won't have a weight problem afterward.

    Try to eat a local diet... if the food was produced outside of 100 miles, don't eat it. You will have some dramatic realizations.

    Our bodies weren't built for sedentary lifestyles. Our bodies are the evolutionary decedents of humanity's toughest peoples. People who could weather brutal cold winters, people who paddled across miles of ocean to find better settlements, people who spent all day and much of the night foraging and hunting in adverse conditions, often outrunning and out fighting a world full of predators.

    Overweight people are simply not living up to their body's full potential.

  6. Even with PCOS (talking to the lady above me) 1200 cals a day is basically a starvation amount with your extremely high level of activity. You should talk to a nutritionist about that. You will make you metabolism even slower if you put that high energy demand on your body and then eat that little. Your metabolism will slow down even more. I know it is a frustrating condition, but please talk to someone who is an expert to learn the right amount of calories for your specific needs. A normal, small sedentary woman can lose weight on that. PCOS or not, you need enough fuel for your runs.

  7. Yes, I think the PCOS lady may have been exaggerating somewhat.
    Given this calculator:
    A 60 kg woman running for 1.5 hours every day would burn 1200 calories per day. Bit hard to do that when you only consume 1100.

    Another reason to hate fat people: liars.

  8. 1200 calories a day and 90 minutes of running per day and you're not starving to death? I call bullshit. You should consider being studied scientifically as a supernatural anomoly. Hell your genes could be used to someday create a solution for all of world hunger as your body must be the single most efficient engine ever. Oh wait maybe you're another fat person who is in complete denial about how much you really eat and who is probably also lying about how much you excercise. The truth is according to the mayo clinic most people including fat people and thin people have roughly the same metabolism. I used to be a fat ass myself because I didn't realize that normal people don't eat 3500 calories a day. I cut down to about 1500 and was totally sedintary and I lost 55 pounds in a year.

  9. I hope skinny people die of cancer slowly and painfully that's what you evil fuckes get

  10. Fat person with "medical conditions" here, and I hate fat acceptance. It is a disease, I don't congratulate someone on their polio or tell a cancer patient that she is a goddess with a special body. I am working every day to loose weight, and it gradually makes a difference I've gone from 315 to 180, and unfortunately gained back to 250, and now I am down to 235 again. I know my body is disgusting, and that I need to fix it, and it makes me sick when people try to excuse obesity.