Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Don't get Twitter

I read an article today about Kyle and Jackie-O's (and by the way, she's NO Jackie O, if you know what I mean. The REAL Jackie O actually had class) bit twitter fiasco, and in that some research had concluded that somewhat 90% of the Twitter accounts that had signed up to follow them were generated by a computer. As in a computer was generating random accounts on twitter and signing them up to Kyle and Jackie to make them seem popular.

I don't get twitter. I've yet to see anything come out of twitter thats anything useful. I tried it before I bagged out on it, but honestly anything that can be condensed into 160 characters isn't worth saying, unless its "Help! Fire/Rape/etc". At first I though it was me, and that my life isn't very interesting, but then I noticed other people were posting rabid crap like " Brushing my teeth" and "going to the bookstore" and I was like 1. Who cares? 2. Its highlighting how dull you are 3. Isn't this an invasion of your own privacy?

It seems a bit strange that in this environment where online privacy is such a big thing, that you can sign up to your neighbors twitter account, wait for a update like:
"going to the store!!! Lol!! Going to buy shoes!!! Hubby is out && I've got his credit cd!! Lol!"
and just break into her house and pinch all her shit.

Maybe I'm just paranoid... maybe I'm just an asshole... maybe I hate my neighbors.. I dunno.

Yes twitter seems to be a very one-sided communication in a world full of people where self promotion of their ego, and their own importance seems to be the main use of the internet. You could argue that this blog is nothing more than that, you are probably right, but I'd like to think of it as casting off some of the negativity that consumes me on a daily basis into the world of the public domain so that other people can see it, realise how ugly it can be, and not follow the path I have. But I'm digressing.

Despite all my flaws, my ego isn't big enough, and never will be, for twitter. Besides, none of my 30 year old with-kid mates whom have given up on life as we know it mates want to hear about me pulling of that sick rail grind at the park on a wednesday morning. Oh, the life of a programmer....

Kyle and Jackie O? It wouldn't surprise me that someone generated a 'bot to sign accounts up to them, given their fading popularity and the fact Sydney is realising that they stand for everything we hate about our city.
Kyle and his fat, arrogant, obnoxious no talent ass paying out on those that are obviously better than him (i.e. everybody else) and the vacuous, soul-less but pretty Jackie O.

I could replace you both with a bot.

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