Saturday, July 4, 2009


I spend a lot of time alone. By choice. One reason is that I have a lot of strange hobbies, i.e. I like to write computer code for things for the hell of it, and I like to skate bowls even tho I'm double the age of your typical bowl skater, and I play bass in a band. Shit those aren't really that unusual come to think of it.
But yeah trying to find people that have similar interests is an exercise in futility, especially at this age, so I tend not to bother people with what I do, and just chillax with myself.

Besides, this typically what I get when I do try:
"Wanna come freebordin? The ski trip is up soon. It'd be good to get conditioned up"
"Nah, last time I went freebordin I fell over and got a bruise"
"Shit you are gonna get a lot more bruises when we go snowboarding. You really should buy some impact shorts or somethin"
"Nah I don't like the look of them people might think I'm a pansy"

To most people, this is just normal human behaviour, but since I program computers and deal with the rigid logic of machines, I find this shit so irrational and illogical that it does my head in.

So I skate by myself.

Freebordin is fuckin sick by the way:

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