Thursday, February 25, 2010

All the hate directed towards Allyn John Slater

This past week we've seen three tragedies:
The murdering of an innocent girl, Trinity Bates.
The prosecution and very public incarceration of a less than sound person, Allyn John Slater.
The amount of hate in our society becoming apparent and flooding the internet in the form of Facebook hate pages directed against the latter.
Here's something controversial: people like Allyn John Slater aren't born that way.  They are spawned from hate.  We are all born innocent, just like that girl was, but if along the way we are subject to hate, misery, persecution, lack of love, then a monster like Allyn John Slater we can become.

Hate made Allyn John Slater, and now we see more hate directed towards him, and the cycle continues.
I'm not defending him.  I'm just saying setting up or contributing to the amount of hate that is already there is not constructive.  Hate doesn't go away, it stays there, like rubbish, until someone does something about it.  Writing up a Facebook page dedicated to 'the Chemical Castration of Allyn John Slater' just fuels hate, which then continues on its cycle.
You might think its harmless, that you are just venting, but if you 'vent' like that every day, eventually it becomes a habit, then it becomes part of you, just like smokers whom start on 1 cigarette a week become addicts.  Hate is addictive.  It doesn't go away if you blurt it out online, it just manifests itself.  The only way to get rid of it is to understand its source, and extinguish it.

If we apply more of this logic to people like Allyn John Slater, and help them extinguish their hate, then we would have a lot less of these terrible, terrible crimes in our great country.