Thursday, April 1, 2010

The unstoppable media machine

I can be quite a negative person. 
I stand by my post of three emotions.  That is all I have.  In order to function normally as a member of society, I construe all other emotions in order to make it look as if I am normal.
Its necessary.  I've already learned how difficult life can be if you are 'different', and it's not worth it.  To be passed over in job interviews just because the secretary who is screening the initial applicants 'got a weird vibe from you'.  To miss out on opportunities just because you couldn't make friends with the business owner.

I'm forgetting my point.
Subsequently, a lot of my behaviour needs to be derived from my surroundings.  From people I associate with, I listen to the way they speak, I watch with interest the facial expressions of those whom have lots of friends, I notice how humans interact with each other.  Through analysis and remembering, I function well now as a normal human being.  By turning on certain traits, I can charm almost anybody.  I can be your best friend in 10 minutes if I want to.  Its an incredible skill to have, tricky, but out of all the education I have, its this that gets me the most work.

As a consequence of assimilation of all these traits, I am basically blotting paper.  I absorb all that is around me, whether I like to or not.
I used to be a very negative person. Over the past 2 months, I've cut all common media out of my life.  I'm no longer so negative.  I'm no longer absorbing the rubbish, the lies, the twisted truths, the hyperbolism and the hype that comes from modern media.

I've realised that most of the stories on the news are unnecessary to live a modern life.  I've learnt that most of the stories on the media are only half the actual truth, and that if one digs deeper you will find there is a rational explanation for why.  I've learnt that instead of a lot of bad in this world, that in fact there is a lot of balance.

Know that there are always two sides to every story.  No one is inherently evil.  The world can be a better place if you look out for your common man/woman.

That violent sociopath whom is about to go on a killing spree might just change his mind if you hold the door open for him instead of letting it slam in his face.

Sometimes good deeds, random good deeds such as giving a stranger your parking ticket when it has a few hours left, can make someone's day.

Do things because you want to be a better person, not because the fear of the wrath of god is with you.

Get your news by asking your neighbor how they are, not from the advertising driven idiot box.  Its funny how I know about the war in Iraq but I don't know what my neighbors name is.