Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Islamic Schools in Sydney

OOh controversial.
The Islamic School at the back of Liverpool was approved.
Let's define a few things first:
Racism: The act of judging one another by race, assumption that one race is superior, or deserving of special treatment over another race.

Racial Differences: cultural, moral and lingual differences brought about between people as a result of different upbringings, environments and education.

So long as we have cultural and educational differences in this country, we will have racism.
So long as we have different education methods for our children, we will have racism.
So long as one child is taught one thing, and another taught something different, we will have confusion, that leads to hatred, that leads to racism.

We need to have, more than anything, to quell the racism in this country, to bring us together as one culture, a unified educational system in this country. Education removes barriers, settles differences, introduces us to new things, provides employment opportunities, and puts EVERYONE on a level playing field, no matter what your skin color is.

Its silly how on one hand we are trying to resolve differences and integrate people into society, yet on the other we push them away by giving them a corner to sit in, as in this case.

I have read plenty of opinion that Islamic schools are just ordinary schools, aren't teaching the children any different, and make no difference to the level of education one recieves.
Then why go to all of the hassle of opening one when there are already plenty of normal schools for the Islamic students to go to?

As a side note, Malek Fahd Islamic school, of which were given the site, have a ranking as the 15th highest performing school in NSW. They only have such a high ranking in the list as they actually prevent students that are not achieving well enough to sit the HSC, which I think is misrepresentative of the teaching quality. I feel sorry for all the other students that don't make it.
Here's the article:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Kevin Rudd: Political Genius

I'd rather stay off politics, but I can't help this one. Apologies to all the Ruddfans out there but you make me a bit fuckin sick so you deserve it.
Kevin REALLY knows what he is doing. As in REALLY knows. Ever since he snapped it at that flight attendant, I've been more than a little suspicious of Kevin Rudd and his motivations.
What am I trying to say... well it seems to me that Kevins true colors showed up when he snapped it at that attendant. I think that although Kevin puts forward this Rove going, baby hugging, doing everything right mr nice guy persona, that behind it all is a dark, dark man whom double crosses, manipulates, and decieves in order to perpetuate his own goals and keep everyone believing he is a nice guy.

Maybe I am underestimating the Australian public when I say that he has them all (well, mostly given the latest opinion poll) fooled. Maybe this is what the public wants. I'm not sure.

I haven't been following 'utegate' all that well, but from what I read its quite possible that his department could have set the whole thing up. Didn't that fake email that Turnbull was waving around as the holy grail originate from Wayne Swanns department? Didn't Kevin just a little too suspiciously jump on to the whole affair and slam down Turnbull as trying to smear him? Hasn't he just put a little too much effort into making himself seem like the victim in this affair?

You may be a pretty smart Kevin, but I think I see you for whom you really are. You are like me, you show a veneer to the world to keep them happy, but every now and then that veneer cracks, and the world sees what is actually underneath.

We're watching you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Whole Michael Jackson thing

I have always felt sorry for Michael Jackson, and although I don't anywhere near claim to be his biggest fan (I'm a metaller and always will/be) I have always been annoyed at the way the guy is depicted in the press.
He will do nine things that are perfectly normal, i.e. attend press conferences, walk, brush his teeth, shit, etc but the tenth thing, be it dangle a baby or get too much plastic surgery, gets plastered all over everything by the press and he's labelled 'wacko jacko'.

The only benefits that arise from such behaviour are increased ratings for television shows and magazine sales. I absolutely hate this needless victimisation of people just to make a quick buck. Fuck you media, myself included.

I also don't think the guy was a pedophile, he simply doesn't fit the profile of a pedophile. I do think he was a little strange in associating with children all of the time, but given that the guy had no childhood, no childhood friends, or anything like that, and like us all, when something is missing from our childhood, we seek it in later life, almost without exception. MJ was no different.

A friend of mine was over last night whom is a big MJ fan and we put on the DVD in the background whilst we were discussing some things, and from his videos, and dozens of hits, you cannot deny the profound influence on music, and how he brought mainstream music, and music in general such a level of professionalism and dedication. MJ drew the lines that we now all follow.

There is also talk now about whom administered the dose of painkillers that may or may not have killed MJ, and there are people out to blame MJ's doctor for his death. If anyone killed him, it wasn't the doctor whom administered the relief, it was whom caused him pain, which would be every person who ever bought a magazine with 'Wacko Jacko does it again!' or similar on the cover.

Rest in Peace mate.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bob Knight and the scum that ruined his day

I remember a few weeks ago the civil libertarians complaining that the latest laws the state government was trying to push through were infringing on peoples rights.
The violence in Sydney is shocking at the moment. I hardly go out anymore because of it. The last time I went out some drunken idiot at 9:30pm leered as my girlfriend whilst I was walking with her down the street, and then started walking towards her whilst saying 'helloooo ladies'. My girlfriend was the only thing stopping me from punching the guy in the throat. Ps I have a short fuse.
The gang violence is worsening too. I'm not the only person whom is starting to feel like a prisoner in their own home because of it. How does ones rights look when we can't leave the house?
Last night some gang wannabe retards decided to have a good old shoot out at KFC in Milperra, and they hit a driver of a B-Double unit in the head.

The driver amazingly was able to bring the vehicle to a rest in a straight line before passing away, of which I think is deserving of recognition as an absolute hero. Rest in Peace Bob Knight, we can only wish for more like you.

To the useless, scum of the earth, wish you dripped down your mothers leg, spoon fed, inbred, slack jawed gang rapists and pack animals that did this, I only wish the laws in this country were as harsh as the country you fled from as 'refugees'. You are the reason people like Pauline Hanson exist.

Hopefully Bob's death is not in vain and we get the public support to get these idiots, and those fat fuckwits riding harleys off the road.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Hilton / Black Eyed Peas

Alright I actually liked Black Eyed Peas BEFORE 'Fergie' came about but nonetheless.
I read an article on WWTDD about Perez Hilton being shocked about being hit by Will.I.Am after calling him a fag.
About fuckin time. I hate that Perez Hilton piece of shit. I wish they had pushed him down the fuckin stairs or broke his fingers or sumn. One less piece of cancer on the internet.
No violence isn't the answer to any problem. But neither is provoking people. Perez Hilton has made his whole life around other peoples success, and cashed himself up by bringing them down. When you tread the fine line between insult and harrassment every day, one day you are going to cross it, and thats what I think happened here.
People are people, and we can only take so much.

Monday, June 22, 2009

North Haven Bowling club: days of heroes are long gone

Heres the story:
There was a spate of violent robberies by a gang around the NSW mid coast.
Police had a tip off that the gang was to try and rob the north haven bowling club. The robbers hit the club, robbed it, and stormed off after terrorising the staff. The Police intervened as the gang left the premises. The staff are now looking at class action against NSW Police.

I watched every account of every staff member on the news, and one thing that was apparent and abhorrent was that each persons main concern was themselves. "I could have been shot" "I was terrified" etc. They all criticised the police for not intervening before the incident happened.
If the police intervened before the crime actually happened then no charges can be laid. Regardless, tip offs are unreliable and the incident might not have happened at all.
If the Police intervened whilst the robbery was occurring, a violent and bloody shoot out amongst the unarmored bar staff most likely would have occurred.

I think the Police did what was absolutely necessary in terms of bringing these violent offenders to justice before they went for larger and more violent crimes.

What I'd like to see, which would be good and Australian, would be the staff have the attitude that "well at least the bastards were caught before they killed someone" or "at least they are off the streets now so that they won't do this to anyone else" but all that seems to be around is the greed and selfishness of the staff within.
Nows to time to step up and be a hero, but all you want is taxpayers money for your 10 minutes of fame.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sydney's second airport

My personal opinion is that we should hold off on a second airport. My reasons:
The price of oil, despite its current low, is set to rise and rise as oil becomes more and more scarce.

Sydney airport is operating at 84% capacity and is as I understand it requiring an extra 2% per year at the current rate of city growth/ travel demand. This gives another 8 years at the current growth rate before the airport reaches total capacity.

As far as the best studies note, we are either at peak oil, or have just passed peak oil. Very soon we will see production drop. The last time oil production dropped whilst demand was maintained, oil went up 400% (the decrease in production was only 5%).

At best case I would say that oil production will be forced to drop by at least 5% by 2015. The increased demand from developing nations for oil may quicken this figure. This means that we will see a massive increase in the price of jet fuel before we see Sydney airport reach 100% capacity.

This increase in jet fuel could well more than double the price of air travel, by simple supply and demand forcing travellers to limit overseas jet travel.

Hence, we wont need a second airport, because in the future we simply wont be travelling as much.

We all have visions of the future where we all zip around in jet cars but at this stage it simply isn't going to happen. At the moment the average person consumes the same amount of the worlds resources as a 35 tonne elephant would. The world simply cannot meet the energy needs of 6 billion 35 tonne elephants.

I know a lot of people will think that technology will save us. However, there simply is no technology on the horizon or otherwise that can replace the energy density/weight of jet fuel. Batteries in planes won't get off the ground, and methanol based fuels etc are made by felling the last of the worlds rainforests to grow palm oil. It simply wont work.

We better get good at cycling, because that my friends is our future....

Friday, June 19, 2009

University of Sydney computer science

Don't go there. The lecturers are disorganised, and half of them don't speak english. From experience.
I'm hoping to finish this degree in 6 months if my patience can take it and move across to do a masters in commerce instead.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jailed Taggers & Taser fun

Wow what exports we produce here in Australia...6 aussie guys arrested in the UK for tagging on trains. I've never understood tagging. I got over writing undecipherable crap on walls with fat pens when I was about 3. Maybe its the thrill of being caught, maybe its the feeling that they are 'underground' and 'esoteric'. I mean, aren't there other ways you can get your kicks? I fuckin hate it when I get to the bowl early in the morning and some fuckin spaz has tagged shit everywhere and I get fresh paint all over my board & wheels. I also fuckin hate it when I can't get a seat on the train so I'm forced to stand, and can't even see out the window cause some spoon fed dropkick has spray painted "KYDGS" on the window cause his daddy never bought him that BMX or whatever bullshit pansy assed excuse for a distorted childhood this generation hinges its problems on. You guys get todays fuck you.

Something that made me laugh was watching the aussie white trash on the news tonight proclaim her partners innocence after he was tasered to death by the police. I'm presuming by her accent and skin that she's on meth, and her partner was probably tweekin on meth pretty bad, and the taser hit was probably the last straw that made his heart finally hit 250bpm and eat shit.
Honey, nobody is going to listen to a fuckin word you say when you look and sound like that. I lol'd.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Australia's erosion issue

Tonight: Beachside residents call for federal assistance in order to maintain their properties that are eroding into the sea.
So, basically the deal is, I live in the inner west of Sydney, and can't afford a beachside property, and now these people want to use federal funds to save theirs from falling into the sea? Have they heard of insurance? Did they ever think that when they bought the property that something like this could happen? Of course they did. But they still want bailing out.
No way am I going to pay tax only to have it go to prop up someones multi million dollar beachside place. Sure, I'd love to surf every day and live near the beach. But I don't expect someone else to pay for it.
Your property is falling into the ocean? Learn to swim.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Great Biofuel Lie

I saw an orange handle for the biofuel pump (10% ethanol) today, and it reminded me of the biofuel issues:
A lot of people don't realise, that the ethanol is actually made from palm oil. Where does palm oil come from? Well most of it comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. The make it by first cutting down pristine tropical rainforest, home to some of the most diverse and exotic species in the world such as orang-utans, pygmy elephants, cats, bird eating spiders... once the forest is cleared, they plant palm oil trees.
Ironically once you add the carbon cost of clearing the original rainforest, then the carbon costs involved in extracting the palm oil and then synthesis into ethanol, the total carbon released by the ethanol is actually around three times that of the equivalent carbon cost for extracting,refining and burning the petroleum.
Hence, although it is called Biofuel, it actually means that you are releasing three times more carbon than had you filled up with just petrol, and you are destroying non-renewable rainforest.

The reason why the pump is orange? Thats the color of the orang-utans they had to kill to make the bio fuel, silly.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bashing Indians

It cracks me up how immediately the news reports in India regarding the bashing are immediately pointing the finger at 'racist white australians' which is little more than bad racial profiling at its best. Never mind the fact that most of the harassment seems to be coming from other ethnic groups.
It does get annoying though that the context of the Cronulla riots gets disregarded (it was provoked by middle eastern groups) and Australians that just want to live and love are the ones that get tarred with the 'racist' brush all because of that one event.
Look, I get sick of walking up the road and getting yelled at and called racist names from cars too.
There are certain ethnic groups present in this country that are fundamentally racist, and I am not going to name them here for the sake of being labelled a racist myself, but if you have ever lived in Sydney you know who I mean, and they aren't the 'white rednecks'. Honestly, for the better part the rednecks stay within their own suburbs and you hardly hear anything about them, apart from getting busted for cannabis plots.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lebanon & voting

A breath of sanity in an otherwise crazy world: despite my fears, Hezbollah was not voted into power in Lebanon, thankfully a non-terrorist organisation with interests in maintaining peace in the region was voted into power.
Well done to the Lebanese people, you gave the peace process a big shot in the arm. If only Palestine would put down their guns and vote Hamas out of power. Israel would most likely co-operate in a two state solution if Hamas was not pointing a gun at its head.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fadi Ibrahim shooting


The only person I feel sorry for is the surgeon who actually had to try and save this guys life. I mean, who really cares if this useless stain on the earth lives or dies? Yeah, I know that his lawyer said 'he hasn't done anything wrong', but that doesn't imply that he did everything right.

Its a pity the gunman didn't hit this guy in the head, and make room on this earth for a decent person. Theres enough scum here already, it wouldn't hurt to thin some out.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Doctor Chris O'Brien

If theres a heaven, then I hope they save you a good spot to do whatever it is they do there.
Heroes are hard to come by, and yesterday we lost a good one.
Rest in peace

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chasers' "Make a Realistic Wish"

I can't believe this is on the news. I guess nothing happened today. I just watched the sketch on youtube, and it isn't that offensive. I was more offended by "Twilight".

Basically the sketch is having a go at the "Make a Wish Foundation", not terminally ill kids or anything "too sensitive". I think the main issue is that the media has just got on the bandwagon because nothing else happened today.

Oh and of course Kev Rudd has to jump on the bandwagon as well, adding in his two cents in slamming down the Chaser. Why wouldn't he, he hates any non-christian values, that why he's pushed that compulsory broadband filter through.