Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Islamic Schools in Sydney

OOh controversial.
The Islamic School at the back of Liverpool was approved.
Let's define a few things first:
Racism: The act of judging one another by race, assumption that one race is superior, or deserving of special treatment over another race.

Racial Differences: cultural, moral and lingual differences brought about between people as a result of different upbringings, environments and education.

So long as we have cultural and educational differences in this country, we will have racism.
So long as we have different education methods for our children, we will have racism.
So long as one child is taught one thing, and another taught something different, we will have confusion, that leads to hatred, that leads to racism.

We need to have, more than anything, to quell the racism in this country, to bring us together as one culture, a unified educational system in this country. Education removes barriers, settles differences, introduces us to new things, provides employment opportunities, and puts EVERYONE on a level playing field, no matter what your skin color is.

Its silly how on one hand we are trying to resolve differences and integrate people into society, yet on the other we push them away by giving them a corner to sit in, as in this case.

I have read plenty of opinion that Islamic schools are just ordinary schools, aren't teaching the children any different, and make no difference to the level of education one recieves.
Then why go to all of the hassle of opening one when there are already plenty of normal schools for the Islamic students to go to?

As a side note, Malek Fahd Islamic school, of which were given the site, have a ranking as the 15th highest performing school in NSW. They only have such a high ranking in the list as they actually prevent students that are not achieving well enough to sit the HSC, which I think is misrepresentative of the teaching quality. I feel sorry for all the other students that don't make it.
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  1. Why don't you speak about Catholic schools or Jewish schools. You only find the energy to write about Islamic Schools if any thing this just confirms your prejudice. You talk about equality but you still see through your distorded lens remove those glasses then you'll see the truth

  2. Woooah steady on. As far as I know there are no new Jewish or Catholic schools opening in Sydney at the moment, and if there was my point remains the same: we need ONE SCHOOLING SYSTEM not multiple. I wouldn't approve of those either.

    I'm a little confused as to why you are immediately hostile towards me without having confirmed my point of view on these other matters of which you have raised here. Perhaps one should revise whom he thinks is prejudiced.

    P.s. You spell distorted with a 't', not with a 'd'.