Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jailed Taggers & Taser fun

Wow what exports we produce here in Australia...6 aussie guys arrested in the UK for tagging on trains. I've never understood tagging. I got over writing undecipherable crap on walls with fat pens when I was about 3. Maybe its the thrill of being caught, maybe its the feeling that they are 'underground' and 'esoteric'. I mean, aren't there other ways you can get your kicks? I fuckin hate it when I get to the bowl early in the morning and some fuckin spaz has tagged shit everywhere and I get fresh paint all over my board & wheels. I also fuckin hate it when I can't get a seat on the train so I'm forced to stand, and can't even see out the window cause some spoon fed dropkick has spray painted "KYDGS" on the window cause his daddy never bought him that BMX or whatever bullshit pansy assed excuse for a distorted childhood this generation hinges its problems on. You guys get todays fuck you.

Something that made me laugh was watching the aussie white trash on the news tonight proclaim her partners innocence after he was tasered to death by the police. I'm presuming by her accent and skin that she's on meth, and her partner was probably tweekin on meth pretty bad, and the taser hit was probably the last straw that made his heart finally hit 250bpm and eat shit.
Honey, nobody is going to listen to a fuckin word you say when you look and sound like that. I lol'd.

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