Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bob Knight and the scum that ruined his day

I remember a few weeks ago the civil libertarians complaining that the latest laws the state government was trying to push through were infringing on peoples rights.
The violence in Sydney is shocking at the moment. I hardly go out anymore because of it. The last time I went out some drunken idiot at 9:30pm leered as my girlfriend whilst I was walking with her down the street, and then started walking towards her whilst saying 'helloooo ladies'. My girlfriend was the only thing stopping me from punching the guy in the throat. Ps I have a short fuse.
The gang violence is worsening too. I'm not the only person whom is starting to feel like a prisoner in their own home because of it. How does ones rights look when we can't leave the house?
Last night some gang wannabe retards decided to have a good old shoot out at KFC in Milperra, and they hit a driver of a B-Double unit in the head.

The driver amazingly was able to bring the vehicle to a rest in a straight line before passing away, of which I think is deserving of recognition as an absolute hero. Rest in Peace Bob Knight, we can only wish for more like you.

To the useless, scum of the earth, wish you dripped down your mothers leg, spoon fed, inbred, slack jawed gang rapists and pack animals that did this, I only wish the laws in this country were as harsh as the country you fled from as 'refugees'. You are the reason people like Pauline Hanson exist.

Hopefully Bob's death is not in vain and we get the public support to get these idiots, and those fat fuckwits riding harleys off the road.

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