Monday, June 22, 2009

North Haven Bowling club: days of heroes are long gone

Heres the story:
There was a spate of violent robberies by a gang around the NSW mid coast.
Police had a tip off that the gang was to try and rob the north haven bowling club. The robbers hit the club, robbed it, and stormed off after terrorising the staff. The Police intervened as the gang left the premises. The staff are now looking at class action against NSW Police.

I watched every account of every staff member on the news, and one thing that was apparent and abhorrent was that each persons main concern was themselves. "I could have been shot" "I was terrified" etc. They all criticised the police for not intervening before the incident happened.
If the police intervened before the crime actually happened then no charges can be laid. Regardless, tip offs are unreliable and the incident might not have happened at all.
If the Police intervened whilst the robbery was occurring, a violent and bloody shoot out amongst the unarmored bar staff most likely would have occurred.

I think the Police did what was absolutely necessary in terms of bringing these violent offenders to justice before they went for larger and more violent crimes.

What I'd like to see, which would be good and Australian, would be the staff have the attitude that "well at least the bastards were caught before they killed someone" or "at least they are off the streets now so that they won't do this to anyone else" but all that seems to be around is the greed and selfishness of the staff within.
Nows to time to step up and be a hero, but all you want is taxpayers money for your 10 minutes of fame.

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