Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bashing Indians

It cracks me up how immediately the news reports in India regarding the bashing are immediately pointing the finger at 'racist white australians' which is little more than bad racial profiling at its best. Never mind the fact that most of the harassment seems to be coming from other ethnic groups.
It does get annoying though that the context of the Cronulla riots gets disregarded (it was provoked by middle eastern groups) and Australians that just want to live and love are the ones that get tarred with the 'racist' brush all because of that one event.
Look, I get sick of walking up the road and getting yelled at and called racist names from cars too.
There are certain ethnic groups present in this country that are fundamentally racist, and I am not going to name them here for the sake of being labelled a racist myself, but if you have ever lived in Sydney you know who I mean, and they aren't the 'white rednecks'. Honestly, for the better part the rednecks stay within their own suburbs and you hardly hear anything about them, apart from getting busted for cannabis plots.

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