Monday, June 29, 2009

Kevin Rudd: Political Genius

I'd rather stay off politics, but I can't help this one. Apologies to all the Ruddfans out there but you make me a bit fuckin sick so you deserve it.
Kevin REALLY knows what he is doing. As in REALLY knows. Ever since he snapped it at that flight attendant, I've been more than a little suspicious of Kevin Rudd and his motivations.
What am I trying to say... well it seems to me that Kevins true colors showed up when he snapped it at that attendant. I think that although Kevin puts forward this Rove going, baby hugging, doing everything right mr nice guy persona, that behind it all is a dark, dark man whom double crosses, manipulates, and decieves in order to perpetuate his own goals and keep everyone believing he is a nice guy.

Maybe I am underestimating the Australian public when I say that he has them all (well, mostly given the latest opinion poll) fooled. Maybe this is what the public wants. I'm not sure.

I haven't been following 'utegate' all that well, but from what I read its quite possible that his department could have set the whole thing up. Didn't that fake email that Turnbull was waving around as the holy grail originate from Wayne Swanns department? Didn't Kevin just a little too suspiciously jump on to the whole affair and slam down Turnbull as trying to smear him? Hasn't he just put a little too much effort into making himself seem like the victim in this affair?

You may be a pretty smart Kevin, but I think I see you for whom you really are. You are like me, you show a veneer to the world to keep them happy, but every now and then that veneer cracks, and the world sees what is actually underneath.

We're watching you.

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