Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Whole Michael Jackson thing

I have always felt sorry for Michael Jackson, and although I don't anywhere near claim to be his biggest fan (I'm a metaller and always will/be) I have always been annoyed at the way the guy is depicted in the press.
He will do nine things that are perfectly normal, i.e. attend press conferences, walk, brush his teeth, shit, etc but the tenth thing, be it dangle a baby or get too much plastic surgery, gets plastered all over everything by the press and he's labelled 'wacko jacko'.

The only benefits that arise from such behaviour are increased ratings for television shows and magazine sales. I absolutely hate this needless victimisation of people just to make a quick buck. Fuck you media, myself included.

I also don't think the guy was a pedophile, he simply doesn't fit the profile of a pedophile. I do think he was a little strange in associating with children all of the time, but given that the guy had no childhood, no childhood friends, or anything like that, and like us all, when something is missing from our childhood, we seek it in later life, almost without exception. MJ was no different.

A friend of mine was over last night whom is a big MJ fan and we put on the DVD in the background whilst we were discussing some things, and from his videos, and dozens of hits, you cannot deny the profound influence on music, and how he brought mainstream music, and music in general such a level of professionalism and dedication. MJ drew the lines that we now all follow.

There is also talk now about whom administered the dose of painkillers that may or may not have killed MJ, and there are people out to blame MJ's doctor for his death. If anyone killed him, it wasn't the doctor whom administered the relief, it was whom caused him pain, which would be every person who ever bought a magazine with 'Wacko Jacko does it again!' or similar on the cover.

Rest in Peace mate.

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