Monday, July 13, 2009

The Recruiting Industry

OK this is something that bugs me MASSIVELY.
I remember a time where there was no recruiting industry, things were a lot simpler, if you wanted a job you applied to a company directly, spoke to the boss directly, and away you went.
Nowadays, its hard to find a job at all without going through an agency.

The worst thing is, a lot of these jobs simply don't exist, its just the recruitment company trying to build up its 'people on their books' in case they actually find a client with work.

Its particularly frustrating for people to be dragged out of their way to go an attend an interview with an agency, to then be interviewed by an 19 year old high school dropout as to whether they are suitable for the position, and then be told 'sorry that position has been filled by someone else (bullshit - there was no position to start with), would you like us to keep your records in case a similar position comes up?'.

I just had a look at at the java programmer jobs available at the moment, and 90% of the positions on the first page are through agencies, and have the same old tricks:

1. They don't list a wage, either because the job they are advertising doesn't exist, or pays so little that if you saw the rate you wouldn't apply.

2. A lot of them list 'must have high honors degree' which doesn't make sense, and even if I assume they mean Distinction or High Distinction, do they mean at Usyd or at UWS, because a High Distinction at UWS is around the equivalent of a credit average at Usyd.

3. A lot of them are poorly worded, suggesting that they have been typed out by an unqualified 19 year old high school dropout. eg :

"The roles will require highly skilled technologist's who can leverage their skills in delivering high quality systems within agreed timeframes."

Why qualify the term 'technologist'? Why does the 'who' belong to the technologist? Does anyone proof read their shit before they post?

Thankfully for both my current jobs I was able to apply direct to the employer. I wish Uni would teach a small course on the dangers of recruiting agencies and their penchant to be unneeded middlemen. They bring down wages with their 'satisfy the client' remuneration policies, ruin morale by getting people to apply for positions that don't exist and then get rejected, and are nothing but an un-needed leech on the job market that are providing a service that is simply unnecessary.

Worse than used Car Salesmen and Lawyers IMHO.

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