Thursday, July 16, 2009

The day in review

Finally, after five full days of near total incapacitation from swine flu, and a couple of false recoveries, I went to work and managed to do a full days coding.
I also managed to pick up some more work coding at another place. Going to be pretty busy for the next few months.

Anyway - the day in review:
Jamie Neal found after 11 days out in the bush: This goes to show how long the human body can survive in the bush if it is prepared, and if it has a calm, rational mind. The Blue Mountains is a beautiful but rough place, so many have died up there. Its a relief to finally hear this guy come out alive, especially after so many of us had given up.

Indian Hacker grounds RAAF site: some Indian kid (presumably) removed the front page of an external facing RAAF site for public information (basically about as hard as taking down my blog and putting a penis picture up instead), put up a page insisting on the cessation of violence against Indian Students,and spelled 'pwned' as 'pawned'. I don't understand this, why hack the RAAF? They're not Lebanese. Maybe its a big hoax.

Honestly, not much is really happening in Sydney right now. Stockmarket is up, I'm over the flu, tomorrows Friday, it doesn't get much better than that. Hence the picture of jesus riding the dinosaur highlighting creationisms arguments against evolution.
Ps anybody else have a problem with the new Ice Age film being called 'dawn of the dinosaurs'? I'm pretty sure that the Mammoth came a long time after the T-Rex....
Have a good day people

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