Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday in Review

Riot in Xinjian - about 140 people killed. Muslim uprising and peaceful protest turns violent, Chinese troops kill appx 140 people. I know enough about data analysis to know that cause doesn't necessarily imply effect, but why the hell is it that whenever Muslim people protest there are always reports of bombs and shootings and chaos?

Driver run over after throwing cheese balls: The crazy bitch that ran over Eli Westlake did it because Eli threw some cheese balls up in the air, and they hit her car. She was high on "two bottles of wine, marijuana and had ingested four Valium tablets and an ecstasy pill".
Now THATS a night out. I'm a little reluctant to believe that the guy threw away food, judging by his photo it doesn't look like he EVER threw away food. To sum up the story: If you buy cheese balls at 4am and throw them everywhere some
crazy bitch will run you over.

Jodi Gordon paid for female strippers in nightclub. I had to read this three times then check if Jodi was actually a chick, but shit yeah. I dunno what to add to that. FnA?

Cigarettes set to rise over $20 per pack: I hope this goes through. I saw some kid on the TV tonight who said he would keep smoking 'out of principle'. So wait, you don't have a job (given by the fact you were sitting on a park bench on a Monday afternoon), and you are using a product that unequivocally increases you risk of all cancers esp lung cancer, a product that will make you tired day in and day out due to your body constantly having to repair itself from the damage it causes, and you say you have principles? Don't make me laugh.

I don't get smokers. You know the product will slowly kill you, so why keep using it? If you want to die, just jump off a bridge somewhere. There are easier and more fun ways to die.

I think its a bit of a delusion the whole cigarette smoking thing. I think most ppl see themselves smoking and think they look uber cool like Michael Madsen in Reservoir dogs, or Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted.
Truth is most people just look sick, diseased and trashy when they smoke. Its an image thing that doesn't work. Just go to any train station and see if you can find a hot girl that smokes.

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