Saturday, July 4, 2009

Media Is Messed Up

I just took one look at the google news webpage. Nothing against google but:
"Bureaucracy to blame for indigenous gap" yeah whatever. Some hack has obviously seen a documentary about indigenous Australians and decided to write a paper on it. I didn't even have to click on the article.
Get out into central west NSW and have a look for yourself and then see if you can blame something, one thing. I blame: the parents, alcohol, sunlight, the boogie, glue, petrol shit you could blame that on anything. I blame it on people that feel the need to shoehorn blame onto the issue without actually trying to do anything constructive about it. Its a national issue, and most of the hard work needs to come from the aboriginal people. Shit I was born into poverty too. Don't blame the color of your skin. Get over your land rights cause you've got about as much chance of that as I have of getting land back from the germans in WW2.

"Turnbull beyond economic repair" This is based on ONE OPINION POLL of which had significantly different results to all the other polls. Everybody in this country should do a course on basic statistics. The fact that this opinion poll was so far outside the usual data makes it a prime candidate for the sample within to be of a different sample strata to the previous. I can't believe this is still in the news. Skip.

"Talk of drug use surrounds Jacksons death" No shit sherlock. I remember the guy having problems with painkillers around the FIRST time he was accused of kiddie fiddling.
You journalists have it too easy. Instead of reporting news, you just find some trivial bullshit and sensationalise the crap out of it so that people buy into it and propel your ratings.

The days of honest journos are long gone. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I couldn't sleep at night if I had this little pride in my work.

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