Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Hilton / Black Eyed Peas

Alright I actually liked Black Eyed Peas BEFORE 'Fergie' came about but nonetheless.
I read an article on WWTDD about Perez Hilton being shocked about being hit by Will.I.Am after calling him a fag.
About fuckin time. I hate that Perez Hilton piece of shit. I wish they had pushed him down the fuckin stairs or broke his fingers or sumn. One less piece of cancer on the internet.
No violence isn't the answer to any problem. But neither is provoking people. Perez Hilton has made his whole life around other peoples success, and cashed himself up by bringing them down. When you tread the fine line between insult and harrassment every day, one day you are going to cross it, and thats what I think happened here.
People are people, and we can only take so much.

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