Sunday, December 13, 2009


I grew up on an isolated livestock farm in country New Zealand, and in my time there I learnt to be incredible frustrated with sheep.
Sheep are plain dumb fucking animals.  I've seen that many get stuck on fences, walk into ditches and not get out, follow each other round, all the stories you hear are true.  Cows and pigs are a lot smarter, horses have attitude problems, but I'm getting off my point.
We pride ourselves as individuals, but so many times we follow the crowd in a sheepish mentality.  We believe everything that happens on the news and get upset by it, when most of the stories are deliberately told one-sided to get you watching and the ratings up.  The other day in the train the carriage was full and I noticed everyone standing was facing one direction, and it wasn't the direction of the doors. 
The other day I saw a lady with pram waiting at the bottom of the stairs whilst a whole flock walked past her, none offering to help.  She was amazed when I offered.
Infinitely more disturbing are those stories where you hear about a person in dire straits, albeit a car accident or receiving a beating /mugging, even when there are plenty of other people around.  Other people all waiting for someone else to do something.

Which are you?  Would you react in a time of need or would you stand by dumbstruck, waiting for someone else to take the initiative?
I know which kind I am, and even though it gets me into trouble sometimes, I'm proud of it.  Someone once told me that life isn't a spectator sport, which I believe in full.
To all those sheep, those who don't help the elderly, to those that walked past the poor woman with the pram, to those that get upset by the rubbish touted as the news, I hate you all for not thinking, for not being, for not thinking for yourself.
But I would give my life for any of you in a heartbeat.

Its the duality I bear.

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