Friday, January 27, 2017

Australia Day / Invasion Day etc

This argument seems to come up every year.

Firstly, some background facts.  No offence to the indigenous Australians, but they were not the first people here. The remains at Lake Mungo, identified as the 'earliest human remains' are described as 'gracile' meaning of slender build and features. as opposed to the very robust features of what is condisered a modern aboriginal male.

Also, there are extremely large differences in cave painting style found in the Kimberlies of which is suggestive of a different set of cultures in this country, pre dating modern indigenous Australians.

So what happened to these people?  Well, they're not here anymore, and the current indigenous Australian pride themselves as great warriors.   Most likely, given that all homo sapiens is a species of war, they wiped out these people.  Genocide.

Genocide when done correctly is unpunishable.  When there is nobody left to point out the crime, then there is no crime, it seems.  Nobody talks about these earlier inhabitants, and even to mention them draws cries from groups.

Every year on Australia day there are calls to return the country to it's original owners.  If by 'owner' we mean the original inhabitants, they are not here anymore, modern indigenous Australians wiped them out.

Every year on Australia day I hear protests about 'why are we celebrating invasion day/genocide day'.    Genocide is a term that means to wipe out or nearly completely wipe out a race.  Such as mine.  When such events happen, what is left is such a small minority that they have no power at all.  Indigenous Australians have land rights, separate laws, special inclusions and support for health, housing, welfare, education, shit, even buying of cars.  Thats anything but powerless to be in a position to negotiate all of that.

I'm so sick of walking past Redfern station and being told by a protester 'go back to your own country you white cunt'.  I'm not white for starters.  I can't go back to my country.  All record of my family living there was wiped out.  All paperwork is destroyed, and all elders that knew where my land was are dead.  There are no protectionisms in place for my race, because we were basically eliminated apart from a few disapora across the globe.  This is what genocide is.  We are not significant enough to start any noticeable movement.  We would rather just get on with life and not create a fuss.


The moral is, you create your own suffering.  When my country of origin celebrates it's inauguration day, so be it.  I don't focus on that, I focus on where I am going with my life.  I don't choose to feed my own suffering.  This invasion day bullshit happened hundreds of years ago, nobody cares anymore.  My genocide was 80 years ago, and everyone's already forgotten.  Modern Indigenous have a plethora of opportunity available to them, should they decide to take it, but it seems a lot are just focussed on the past.  From my perspective, you're still here, your family are still here, your culture is still here.  Thats a lot more than what a lot of people have, including myself.

You create your own suffering.

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