Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have mixed emotions about the Sri Lankans that are currently stuck in Indonesia.
Firstly I will state that one of my best mates is Sri Lankan, and I think they are great people, so read this in context please.
I'm a little confused firstly. If they are truely fleeing from something nasty, then wouldn't any place apart from where they came from be great? I mean, they are in Indonesia now, but they refuse to get off at Indonesia, saying that they want to go to Australia.
I don't know about you, but if my family was under threat from war or famine, I'd be sailing to the nearest place that had no war or famine. I'd love Indonesia.
I think the core of the problem is the people smugglers. They have evidently promised these poor souls that Australia is a land of milk and honey, where people will wait on you hand and foot, you will never have to work, and you will be able to live a decadent lifestyle of your wildest dreams.
Its how the people smugglers manage to convince them a boat ride is worth their entire life savings, house, and everything else they may own.

I can only imaging that is why we have problems with integration of some immigrants here. Instead the life of luxury they expect, they find that typical life in Australia (well, at least in Sydney) means working 45+ hours a week for barely enough money to cover the rent for the shoebox you live in. If only they knew, they might choose paradise in Indonesia instead...

I do feel for them though, they are just pawns in this game. Of course they don't want to go back to Sri Lanka, they have nothing left there, all was sold to pay the smugglers.

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